About us

Algis Crafts – handmade personalized gifts

Algis Crafts is a small family company- Algis and Ruta. From the day our fourth kid was born we knew that one of us has to stay at home and did not go back to regular day job.
It took us about 4 years and 1 more kid to reach that point where we find what to do not leaving the home and having our favorite family business.
Algis was interested in wood carving since he was a child. He was working as designer in several advertising agencies. Ruta was auditor and controller.
So, we started to work with different wood items. We have lazer engraving equipment and we specialize on personalization, especially on cutting boards. Algis creates designs for cutting boards, rolling pins and other items and engraves them. Ruta makes wood conditioner from beeswax and linseed oil, covers cutting boards and other items with wood conditioner, wraps and packs goods and does all administrative work and control.
Now we have big experience in cutting boards, rolling pins and other wooden items manufacture, engraving and protection.
We love our work, because it reflects our philosophy and lifestyle. We live and work near Vilnius, Lithuania, in regional park, in the house next to the forest, near the brook. We have five wonderful children. Also we have two dogs and a cat. We keep bees which wax we use for the home-made wood beeswax.
We believe that a positive and creative atmosphere here is because of Wood and satisfaction of our work. After all, the Tree is one of the oldest and the most natural human household material. Also, a walk in the Woods helps to get rid of tension and raises the tone. Natural wooden things provide comfort, soothe and it is nice to touch them.


Algis & Ruta